Why Accredit?


Accreditation* is the means in which a school can establish creditability within the educational community for the purpose of offering transferable credits, for high school, colleges, universities, etc. 

Accreditation is not a form of government regulation to control the homeschool movement, but the certification by an organization of peers verifying that a school meets the agreed upon standards of the educational community in providing home schooling, independent study or distance learning. And has voluntarily participated in a comprehensive self-study and successfully demonstrated that the organization meets necessary standards for directing students in accomplishing appropriate learning expectations. Schools which participate in this ongoing self-improvement process usually display a professional attitude necessary for quality education.

 Accreditation is an opportunity for a school to improve the quality of its program and service to its students. Undergoing the self-study process to ensure that its programs and policies follow educational standards of good practice is one of the values of accreditation. Accreditation is a non-governmental peer review process. It is a self-governing accountability to verify the integrity, purpose, and good practice and faith of a school and its staff.

 *Accreditation is not available for individual families who home school through notification to the state or local district, but for schools which operate as a ministry, business, nonprofit organization or corporation.


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